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Shakuntala Devi The Book of Numbers PDF Shakuntala Devi, Book Of Numbers, Pdf .. Maths Paper, Math Books, Calculator, How To Become, Reading Lists. Shakuntala Devi - 5 Books DOWNLOAD. LIST OF BOOKS: 1) Figuring Made Easy 2) Mathability - Awaken the Math Genius in Your Child 3) More . Astrology for u if someone has it in pdf send to [email protected] Reply. Shakuntala-Devi - Download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides Mathability - Awaken the Math Genius in Your Child.

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Shakuntala Devi Maths Pdf

The Book of by Shakuntala Devi Mastering Financial Calculations A step-by-step guide to the mathematics of financial market Prelims pp. Puzzles To Puzzle You-shakuntala Devi in for more Puzzles To Puzzle You-shakuntala Devi to download in pdf format. Pozzies to Puzzle You Mathematics is not always hard, are by none other than the world-renowned mathematical prodigy, Shakuntala Devi.

Shakuntala Devi Math Prodigy Credits Ganesha's Mind Power It felt like any waiting room: a courteous receptionist, a ball game on TV, families chatting, each of us waiting for our one-on-one or group consultation with the extraordinary woman dispensing wisdom and astrology in the adjoining room of this Sunnyvale, California, apartment. Before long a smiling, straight-standing woman appeared, looking regal in her sari. To another, "Who's next? I waited and read. Devi had bested the then world's fastest computer, the Univac , in a head-to-chip contest to find the 23rd root of a digit number. The computer required over 13 thousand instructions and thousands of data-locations, and took over a minute to solve the mega-problem. Devi took fifty seconds. Roots, both square and cube, logarithms, and calendar calculations are answered almost before the question is fully asked. Any day of the week from any year in the last century? Easy, 29 to the 47th power?

Books by Shakuntala Devi

In today's increasingly complex and technological world the most important thing you can do for your child is to nurture mathability. It is an attitude. Those who say 'that their child is poor at maths' are doing themselves an injustice. They are undermining the child's future.

Mathability is a skill that teaches a child how to think. Mathability is a skill that develops the inherent intelligence potential. It enhances problem solving abilities and analytical focus.

Puzzles To Puzzle You-shakuntala Devi in pdf

The methods and the techniques are just as suitable for adults as for children. Indeed many of the methods have altered the mindset even of senior executives and housewives. Anonymous June 6, at 2: Anupam Patra October 2, at Anonymous October 20, at Biranchi Narayan Nayak October 21, at 8: Goondla Suresh October 24, at 3: Deepak Yadav November 7, at Beben Habibi May 16, at Unknown August 20, at Stacey Jones September 28, at Purva Khare October 17, at 2: Anonymous October 22, at Stiff Roy November 29, at 4: Joseph March 6, at 3: Unknown April 2, at Engineer's Chaupal April 16, at 1: Engineer's Chaupal April 30, at 5: Unknown June 6, at 4: I will take each drop on my finger so that you can see it shimmering and illuminating your inner mind, thus opening your third eye.

Common sense: Every maths problem needs a good strong dose of this special drop.

It tells you that nothing is beyond your ken. If a problem is set before you, read it carefully. Remember, it need not freeze your mind into a state of panic. It is a problem that has a solution. All you have to do is apply your common sense to it. To help you draw on this drop, let me ask you a mathematical question: 71 II 6 men can pack 6 packets of candy in 6 minutes, how many men are required to pack 60 packets in 60 minutes?

Read it carefully. Now apply your common sense. The first thing that should strike you is that you do not necessarily need more men.

Because you have more time to pack that candy! Now write it step by step: 1.

Painless, wasn't it? To the maths-alien, however, it appears to be a complex problem. She reads it, feels that it is too difficult and clams up mentally.

Also, the robotic manner of teaching maths in school doesn't help, and the clever way in which the problem has been worded makes you focus on the number of men immediately. But a little thinking irrigated by common sense, will show you that this is not so. If it had been worded in another way, you would have found it simpler: If 6 men can pack 6 packets of candy in 6 minutes, how many packets of candy would they pack in 60 minutes?

Knowing that the number of men remains constant, you'd write: 1. In 6 minutes, 6 packets are packed. In 1 minute, 1 packet is packed. In 60 minutes, 60 packets are packed. So you see, it is as easy as eating candy! Another drop required to tackle a maths problem is confidence. The great confidence of a bulldozer. Plough into a problem with the firm, strong feeling in you that you can do it. Nobody, not even yourself, will dare to question you! I notice that many people feel there is a 'trick' to solving a maths problem.

When someone shows you how to solve a seemingly complex problem, the human ego comes into play. She makes it appear so easy, you want to crawl into a corner to hide yourself.

The Book of Numbers.pdf - SHAKUNTALA DEVI'S NUMBEBS...

You wonder why she found it so easy, and you didn't? What your 'tricky' problem-solver has conveniently forgotten to tell you is that she had come across it earlier than you and had taken the time to get a grasp of it, or that she may have stumbled on to it by accident.

She leaves out these tiny details and makes you feel like a 'dumbo'. While the 'tricky' problem-solver may appear to be handing you a method on a silver platter, be wary. In the long run, her method may not work. It will not work if you have merely adapted it but not understood it. It will not work even for her, because she sees it as a clever trick or short cut.

Which means that for each problem she has to find a new 'trick'. The best way to learn maths is to allow your natural intelligence to take over. With a clear, confident mind, you will be able to do it. Every Indian, when confronted with the drop of concentration, will instantly think of Prince Arjuna in the Mahabharata. It is an oftrepeated tale, but I must narrate it here to underline the importance of concentration. Dronacharya taught archery to the royal princes of Hastinapura. One day, he decided to test their power of concentration.

Gathering his royal pupils around him, he pointed to the target — a bird on the branch of a tree. They had to shoot the bird and bring it down. The first candidate for the concentration test was Prince Yudhisthira. Drona called the other princes — Duryodhana and Bhima. They gave the same reply. Poor Drona was saddened.

He felt he had failed as a teacher. Finally, with a heavy heart, he called Prince Arjuna. This was the answer Drona had hoped for. It displayed Prince Arjuna's power of concentration. What does concentration do? It helps you to focus. It blocks out anxiety and emotions. If a sportsman were to worry about being tackled by his opponents as he runs for the goal, he would never get started. Think of maths as a fun-sport.

Your goal is to get at the solution, to net it.

Mathability - Awaken the Math Genius in Your Child.pdf - S...

The point I am making is that when a maths problem is presented to a person, she allows her 75 anxiety to take over. She creates those exceptional circumstances in her mind.

Instead, if the emotions were blocked out by concentrating, he or she would set out calmly to understand the nature of the maths problem and work on a method to solve it. The best way to concentrate is to switch to neutral gear. Don't think in terms of 'Oh God, how will I do it? Read each sentence with concentration.

For example, if the problem is written thus: A woman spends Rs During the next 4 months, she spends Rs on an average. During that year, she takes a loan of Rs What is her average monthly income of that year?

First, read the problem carefully. Next, enumerate data. Then allow your common sense and confidence to tell you that you can do it. Concentrate on the problem, and begin by outlining the data in simple steps. Instantly, you have the answer: 1.

Sum of money she spends in 8 months 8 x Loan taken is not part of her income. Thus her monthly income Why is concentration so important?


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