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    Rebecca Brown has authored these best-selling books: He Came To Set The Captives Free, Prepare For War, Unbroken Curses, and. WHITAKER HOUSE PDF. What should you believe much more? Time to obtain this By MD Rebecca Brown Prepare For War From. Whitaker House It is very. 30 Hunt Valley Circle. New Kensington, PA Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data. Brown, Rebecca, M.D.. Prepare for war I Rebecca Brown.

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    Download (PDF, MB). Views .. Rebecca-Brown-Prepare-for- War · Download PDF File - EntreWave · Download PDF - Free Methodist Church. Read “Prepare For War”, by Rebecca Brown online on Bookmate – Do you know how Satan can use “doorways” including yoga, role-playing games, and. Editorial Reviews. From the Back Cover. Prepare for WarIn this spiritual warfare manual, Dr. Brown writes from seven years experience helping deliver many.

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    Together they joined God to fight Satan. Their first challenge was the satanists at the "nearby hospital.

    Their ministry, Rebecca says, blocked much of the witchcraft that was going on there. This defeat of Satan, coupled with the loss of his bride -- Elaine -- "caused Satan to lose face in his kingdom," Rebecca says. However, the Lord's protection prevailed and Rebecca fulfilled His desire to "open a private solo practice so that I would have a broader range of patients. This was necessary so that He could bring to me the people I was to minister to, especially cult members.

    Every penny I made went to help these people with food, clothing, transportation out of the state, medical care and so on. Another blow, Rebecca says, was that satanists were "the instruments of my mother's death. The satanists swept in, and in one night, while Elaine and I were out of the house for a couple of hours, destroyed everything we had.

    They axed everything in my home, even our precious pets. They also destroyed my office and everything we had. Elaine and I escaped with our lives and the clothes on our backs, that is all. Satan's attack was so well planned that at the same time everyone turned against us We had no choice but to flee the state.


    Answering that question is at the heart of any investigation of their claims and Chick's publications about them. Finding the answers was not easy.

    For those who have tried to interview them they are elusive For example, author Jerry Johnson, in his book, Edge of Evil, states that Rebecca would not permit Elaine to be interviewed on the subject of a black mass claiming it is too hard on her, taking weeks to recover.

    For starters, one must know that she has not always been Rebecca Brown, M. She changed her name from Ruth Irene Bailey, M.

    The reason given was: "petitioner has become known more by the proposed name through use as a pen name and use of the name in ministry than by her present name. Doing it to hide from "the Brotherhood," would be futile since one assumes those people could divine that information supernaturally even if they didn't see it in the San Bernardino Daily Press, a general-circulation newspaper where it was published once a week for four weeks prior to the date set for hearing on the petition.

    The name change then was officially registered April 25, Rebecca had reason to change her name. However, it was not because of the notoriety she had gained under he new name, but the notoriety she had achieved under her old one.

    She was raised in Indianapolis. She completed high school, then earned an A. She entered Indiana University at Purdue in September She received her Doctor of Medicine degree on April 30, This is the "nearby hospital" she refers to repeatedly in her books and tapes as "one of Satan's special hospitals. Cavins and Steel of Indianapolis. However, it appears that early in her internship, she developed an obsession with demons and deliverance.

    A spokesman from Ball Memorial, Dr.

    John Cullison, director of medical education, told the Indianapolis News that "Dr. Bailey provided 'very good care for a couple of years' after joining the hospital's residency staff in She began using candles in the rooms during her exorcisms.

    John's Medical Center in Anderson, Ind. For example, on Closet Witches 1 she says: "I always had the chapel to myself because no one ever used it. She says that "within six months of the start of her training at that hospital, the hospital administration had all the Gideon Bibles removed from the patient rooms. She also says: "any minister that was coming to the hospital to visit patients was not permitted to visit with anyone except their own private parishioners, and, if the nurses found them evangelizing other patients they were to have them escorted from the hospital by security and asked not to return again.

    A chaplaincy service was not permitted, which was also unusual. Indeed, it seemed as if an effort was being made to wipe away any mention of Christianity within the walls of the hospital. As to a chaplaincy service not being permitted, Ball Memorial does not have a resident chaplain but does have facilities for pastoral counseling and care.

    Her behavior became more bizarre as her obsession with demons worsened her mental state.

    At a later date, a Medical Licensing Board would hear that she had "stated on numerous occasions that she possessed the capability of 'sharing' her patients' illnesses in fighting the demons, devils and other evil spirits that were allegedly causing the various ailments and conditions.

    However, the real story of their meeting and relationship bears little resemblance to the story told to and promoted by Jack Chick. In she legally returned to her maiden name. She tells Chick in Closet Witches 1: "I hated people, I had been so badly mistreated at home, I had been badly mistreated in school.

    Nothing like peers to hurt you the worst, kids your own age can just make your life miserable and it did mine because of my deformities. Interviews with family members of Elaine disclosed her as living a life permeated with lies and fabrications. They expressed little surprise to her wild tales promulgated in Rebecca's books. Elaine's exaggerations proved, at times, an embarrassment for these family members, noting she would do almost anything to receive attention.


    For instance, one method repeatedly utilized by Elaine was her pretending to have seizures at public functions. One medical record says Elaine has a "mixed personality disorder," and "is of questionable reliability. For example, Elaine tells Chick she had a "fast-growing ability to influence others, to make them do as I wanted. I had unusual physical strength as well. I ran at him knocked him down and began hitting him and I beat his face so badly that he had to have repair work done.

    I broke his nose and his jaws and knocked out his teeth, and it took eight teachers to get me off this boy. I would have killed him. I stood about 5-foot Anyone speaking off the cuff about an event that happened years ago could change such details slightly with each retelling. What is significant about the story is that interviews with several of Elaine's high school classmates, including members of the football team, denied the incident, as described by Elaine, never occurred -- no matter which version one cares to believe.

    Blank mind opens the door to demoni.

    The Spirit Body in Deliverance An u. She was hospitalized, and the bitin. His family told him to. Difference between Biblical Christi.

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    Standing in the gap can be done in. Only on special occasions does the. The Lord speaks very directly throu. We must stay close t. This is the most important question. We were to just fellowship together. Prayer, praise. At firs. The battle in Rene's case centered. Also, I find that those practicing. The mind is like a muscle, it grows. Elaine with an opportunity to devel.

    With this confidence then, let us o. Download PDF, Short-link Link Embed. Share from cover. Share from page: Page 6 and 7: Introduction It is with great sober Page 8 and 9: Her 5 ft. The Page 24 and I tol Page 32 and The problem is this. Most people wa Page 34 and How the devil would Pavul Page 38 and Elaine's final deliverance a year a Page 40 and Rebecca was driving home one evenin Page 42 and He deserved to be crucif Page 46 and God to make Satan shoot only blanks Page 50 and Obj Page 54 and Let us look at a couple of Page 56 and There is another type of familiar o Page 58 and T Page 60 and Lastly, we must simply understand t Page 62 and He made a remarkable statement to m Page 64 and Every time we "sin willfully" after Page 66 and So, I went back to the Lord again, Page 76 and How many times Page 80 and It may dent your ego to wa Page 88 and Recently, I Page You know, t Page 93 and If we stay in close prayer and comm Page and This scripture clearly shows that a Page and Jane looked startled as if she wond Page and The pr Page and We mu Page and The better they become at "s Page and Talk about se Page and The facts are that no one can recei Page and Father for forgiveness for particip Page and The Jesus of the Bible was born of Page and In other words, when people sacrifi Page and Clearly the Catholic doctrine of re Page and The personal representative of Pope Page and Scripture says, "For aU have sinned Page and Christian churches and point out so Page and Troubles s Page and How Page and But, never does the Holy Spirit lay Page and For the past two S Page and Hindu God, traditiona Page and The Lotus - yoga position symbolizi Page and Jesus qu Page and It all goes back to the original te Page and Those Page and The Lor Page and It is not possible Page and Christianity, on the other hand, ha Page and They are afraid that Page and Page and Never forget Page and If you have not alre Page and Finally, just as my father got bett Page and I Page and I hav Page and First, we must recognize who our en Page and Before God, I promise to love, hono Page and How many marriages are lost at this Page and I will call John and Ann not their Page and Our spiritual bodies are the link b Page and I have no doubt he p Page and Blank mind opens the door to demoni Page and She was hospitalized, and the bitin Page and His family told him to Page and Difference between Biblical Christi Page and Standing in the gap can be done in Page and Only on special occasions does the Page and The Lord speaks very directly throu Page and


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